Ministry Board

Vision Summary
The vision of the ministry board is to reflect the Pastor’s vision to:
• Be an authentic body of believers;
• Be multi-cultural;
• Be multi-generational,
• Be influenced by the Kingdom culture of Heaven.
• Become like Christ and express God’s will, purpose, and nature on this earth.

Vision Statement
To help people find Christ, follow Christ, and function in Christ.

Mission Statement
We will help people find Christ, follow Christ, and Function in Christ by LOVING people, SHARING the Gospel, helping to HEAL people’s hurts, DISCIPLING believers by teaching and mentoring them to be obedient to God’s word, and assisting believers in DISCOVERING their purpose.

Primary Focus
The primary focus of this team is to help the lead Pastor.
The leadership team creates and monitors an atmosphere of love, forgiveness, unity, care, healing, nurture, and spiritual growth within the church body.

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